Retaining Wall Blocks

A versatile concrete retaining block for landscaping and erosion control

Terraforce Retaining Wall Products are an environmentally friendly earth retaining system, ideal for most applications; from the domestic DIY gardens to large industrial/commercial projects. They are also suitable for erosion control including shoreline erosion.

More information about these products is available at the Terraforce website.

Important information when building retaining walls:

  1. Get building approval from your local shire or council if applicable
  2. Consult with regulating councils, obtaining requirements,  prior to purchasing, designing or building retaining walls
  3. Build your retaining walls according to your engineers specification
  4. When using  generic engineers drawings, ensure the drawing is suitable for your specific site and soil condition
  5. We, the Block Makers, sell the retaining wall blocks only.  Building the retaining wall is the responsibility of the installer
  6. The information on our website and in our brochures is of a general nature only.  Consult with a professional engineer prior to commencing any retaining wall project.
  7. We recommend professional input for all walls over 500mm high