L11 Splitface Finish Block

Dimensions 400 x 350 x 225
Weight Per Unit 30kg
Units Per Pallet 36 / 45
Blocks Per Lineal Metre 2.5
Colours Available : Limestone & Speckled (Other colours available on request. Minimum quantities apply)

Terraforce L11 Retaining wall blocks – interlocking, mortarless and reversible, these blocks are light and easy to install, and provide a cost effective method of retaining. Terraforce L11 blocks are versatile – creating curved walls and terraces, and being plantable, create a living wall! Walls can range from light or heavy gravity retaining walls ,to composite retaining walls, (using Geo-grid for reinforcement)

Wall inclination and curvature can be adapted as required, to suit a large range of site conditions, and blocks can be filled with soil, concrete or gravel, as required by the engineer.


As all products are made from natural materials, variations in colour and texture may occur at times.

It is recommended that all products laid in areas of high water exposure, from sprinklers, swimming pools etc. be externally sealed. Limestone products, in particular,  have a tendancy to weather over time, so additional sealing is highly recommended.

Product dimensions shown are nominal only. Actual manufactured size will vary between production runs and product types.

Some chipping and breakages may occur during delivery, offloading, and laying of blocks and pavers. It is recommended that these products be used for cuts and in fills. Wastage should not exceed 5%.

Efflorescence, (a crystalline salt deposit) is a natural occurrence in masonry products. Efflorescence does not affect the structural integrity or strength of the product. Efflorescence will usually diminish and disappear in the course of time as the product is exposed to the elements. No responsibility will be accepted for the occurrence of efflorescence

All weights and dimensions shown are approximate.