Environmental Policy

The management and staff at The Blockmakers have a commitment to ensuring our manufacturing plant minimises the impact on the environment and wherever practicable, eliminates or reduces the impact on the environment by the implementation of sound environmental policies.

We are committed in adhering to good environmental practices throughout our organisation including our manufacturing facility.

At The Blockmakers, we are committed to:

  • DSC00231Complying with environmental legislation and regulations which are monitored and assessed regularly
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by:
  1. Installation of solar panels which generates more electricity  than our usage and which therefore enables us to return surplus electricity into the grid
  2. Eliminating waste by recycling waste products and materials
  3. Conservation of rain water and storage in rain water tanks for use in the factory
  • Installation of dust filters
  • Installation of drainable hard stand in problem areas, to prevent water runoff and to encourage rain water infiltration
  • Usage of environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Waste blocks are donated  to rehabilitate an old limestone quarry