How to build a Terra Force retaining wall

How to build a retaining wall - video Thumbnail

Here’s how you can easily build a great looking Terraforce retaining wall and garden bed using some simple steps. It’s fast, easy and a very effective landscaping solution.

6 Steps for laying Terracrete Permeable Pavers!

Grass pavers filled with lawn, grass and stones

Here are 6 simple steps for laying Terracrete Permeable Pavers (assuming the sub-base is free draining)   STEP 1. Prepare a sand base. Level and then compact to between 8 and 10 blows / 300mm   STEP 2. Overlay base with 25mm of free draining course sand or gravel. Course river sand or cracker dust […]

Permeable Pavers for Efficient Drainage

boats on hardstand area created with permeable pavers

Our Terracrete Permeable Pavers have recently provided an effective solution for use in a boat storage area. The City of Greater Geraldton built a new Multi User Facility and youth Precinct – The boat storage facility for the Geraldton Yacht Club and Geraldton Senior College, forms part of this new facility.  Terracrete Permeable pavers were […]

Lawn Pavers, Grass Blocks, Grass Pavers or Permeable Pavers?

Grass pavers filled with lawn, grass and stones

We often get asked if we sell Grass Blocks, Lawn Pavers and Grass Paving products. And the answer is Yes! This product is also referred to as Permeable Paving or Hard Lawn Paving.  Terracrete Hard Lawn or Grass Pavers are manufactured to suit many  situations:  from standard, domestic traffic, to heavy-duty industrial applications (see our Terranews […]

Permeable Paving Blocks for Storm Water Culvert

Terracrete permeable paving blocks, in conjunction with the environmentally friendly Terraforce L11 Retaining wall blocks, have been used by the City of Geraldton/Greenough to build a storm water culvert. The site requires a semi-permanent structure which can allow periodic access to the gas and water mains. Terracrete Permeable pavers were used on the base, and […]

City of Greater Geraldton Foreshore Development

The City of Greater Geraldton, in 2009, undertook a major undertaking in the upgrading of the Geraldton Foreshore. The new area included walkways/paths, Gardens, Water Park, BBQ areas, a skate park, to mention a few. The facility completely changed the Geraldton foreshore, and the beautiful area is now utilised by both residents and visitors alike. […]

Esperance Port Retaining Wall

In 2006, construction began on retaining Hughes Rd, the access road to the Esperance Port. The widening of the road was necessary, due to the considerable increase in traffic flow, due to mining operations in the area. 80 ton road trains use this road and widening and then retaining this section was necessary. Terraforce L11 […]

Terracrete – For Tough Hardstand Application

In 2007, Geraldton Boatlifters LTD needed a hardstand design for a new commercially operated boat lifter facility featuring a travelling boat-lifter weighing 100 tons – capable of lifting 200 ton boats with a beam of 10.2m – a docking bay, lifter runway and a 1.2 hectare hard stand area, located on the North West Re-claim […]